«My motivation is your asset in finding solutions»

Markus Mühlethaler, Senior Manager

Business Report 2018

Dear Reader

Consenec had good reason to celebrate in 2018: in the 25 years since its establishment, what was once “ABB Consulting” has developed into a respected firm whose interim managers and consultants provide valuable services to the founding companies and external clients. For the past quarter of a century, our business model has succeeded in retaining the experience of senior managers while also sharing their know-how – where and when it is required.

Because we want to invite you to celebrate our anniversary with us, we have dedicated our 2018 Business Report to the number 25.

For instance, we have selected 25 key innovations and technological advances that have shaped human history – and that reflect the same pioneering spirit found at Consenec.

Then, on 25 October, we celebrated our anniversary in fine fashion at the ABB Corporate Research Center. Some 150 guests, including personalities from politics and industry, attended the event. Our main speaker, Moritz Leuenberger, received warm applause for his candid and entertaining talk.

In addition to the anniversary Impuls event, another talk sparked great interest: Benoît Revaz, Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, discussed the various opportunities in Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050.

Last year, Consenec welcomed six new senior managers – including the first woman to join our team. We also provide a look into various jobs performed by our staff last year, thus shedding a little light on the daily life of a Consenec senior manager. The services she and her colleagues offer are summarized.

The 2018 Consenec Business Report promises to be interesting and informative –
I hope you enjoy reading about our work.

Renato Merz