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Margrit Reck, Senior Manager

2019 Business Report

Dear Reader

Climate change. In 2019, no other topic dominated the news media, and no other issue was the subject of such hot debate as the climate. And regardless of whether we think the youth demonstrations verge on the hysterical, whether we’re convinced that a climate catastrophe is imminent, or whether we take a more circumspect view of the entire matter – ignoring climate-related issues is no longer possible.

It’s a fact that 45 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions stem from passenger and cargo transport. Consenec saw this as a good reason to explore questions surrounding mobility. For instance, should we use electric cars or standard combustion engines? At the first 2019 Consenec Impuls event, ETH researcher Gil Georges discussed the systemic challenges we face on our journey to achieving more sustainable modes of transportation (pp. 6–7). Our Report also provides an overview of the work at SCCER Mobility, which is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies for transportation (pp. 8–9).

Consenec has a very different kind of change to report: at the start of November 2019, I was honored to take over the leadership of Consenec from Renato Merz. The milestones achieved under his leadership and the future direction at Consenec are presented on pages 10 and 11.

The Consenec team is also pleased to extend a warm welcome to eight experienced leaders who, until recently, were top managers at ABB, GE, or Bombardier (pp. 12–13).

In addition to the climate, another contentious issue of 2019 was global geopolitics. “USA 2020: What’s Next America?” was the title of the second 2019 Consenec Impuls event, and Swiss television anchor Arthur Honegger was invited to share his view of the current situation in the US (p. 14).

Finally, our Report presents a selection of the various challenges our senior managers have tackled over the past year (p. 15); we also introduce our motivated team and their individual skillsets (pp. 16–18).

As you will see, our 2019 Business Report is full of interesting and inspiring articles – I hope you enjoy reading about our work.

Ingo Fritschi